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In the beginning, was the... End...

The planet Earth is no longer a home. 

A misterious corporation took over the power, and led our precious blue planet into an ambiental, social, and economic colapse. A post-apocaliptcal cenario is our plot's background. Aster is a teenager living in a space station, being trained by his older brother, Polux, to be a pilot, aiming to join the "Comeback Operation", wich has been planned since he was a baby.  

The plan, is to reveal all the conspiracy behind the Corporation's global domination plan , showing to the remaining earth´s inhabitants the real cause of our planet destruction. 

The day-by-day routine of our hero is divided between all the crazy scientific experiments (that he rarely succeds) presided by his three master-tutors (Leeto, Soza and Poranga) and his frustrated attempts to become a pilot. Stela, his Jet mechanic, is way better a pilot than he is. This love/hate relationship is always an incredible source of tragicomic situations. Aster carries a heavy burden: to become the savior of an operation he barely knows about and honor his parents legacy. Aldought, many members of the space station congress, have darker plans for this young boy.

TUX, the space station, is an autosustainable flying city, that supports a small comunity of scientists, pilots, and robots, providing them with resources and protection from the corporation's force that is searching for their location in outer space, since the "Scape Day".

The "Scape Day" was an epic and heroic day, when all the rebel forces led by Aster's parents (Grux an Ursula) scaped from the tirany ruling our planet.

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