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JOSÉ ALMEIDA DESIGN & PRODUCTIONS LTDA – ME, (brand name ANIMUZ) an individual company registered under CNPJ No. 11.583.324/0001-16 with headquarters at Avenida Nove de Julho, No. 5593 – Room 103, 10th Floor – Itaim Bibi, São Paulo – SP, ZIP Code 01407-200, Brazil, is a technology company that designs and develops games for mobile devices and is dedicated to protecting the privacy rights and data protection of our users.

For this reason, we have prepared this Privacy Policy to inform you about how your personal data will be handled (collected, stored, shared, managed, and/or used) every time you use any of our applications, games, and our promotional and advertising activities on all platforms (collectively "Games").

If you have any questions or need to contact ANIMUZ regarding privacy and/or data protection issues, you can send an email to and our customer service department ("Atendimento") will promptly respond to you.


Your right to use the Games is subject to your acceptance and compliance with all the terms and conditions provided herein as well as those provided in the Terms of Use.

Therefore, before using, or even accessing the Games, you should review this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use, and if you agree with the wording, your acceptance must be individual and formalized by creating a user profile/account ("Account"). You may also be asked to create and/or log into your user profile at any time.

If you or, as the case may be, your legal guardian, disagree with any term provided herein, you may not install, access, and/or use the Games, and it is recommended that you immediately delete any application, and any part or extension of them, from your device.


To provide access to the Games, ANIMUZ collects the following types of personal data:

Data provided by you:

For your identification:

. name, email, and password (such data may be provided by sharing login access from other platforms, such as Google, or Facebook, which will include links to your profiles on social networking sites and other third-party sites, usernames, among others);

. cookies (small files stored on your device that identify information about the use of the Service);

. phone number, location, and other potentially identifying data that you may use to access and identify yourself in the Service.

For payment:

. preferred payment method;

. billing and payment data (such as credit card information, billing address, coupons, among others), which will be used by a partner store, as detailed below;

Automatically collected data: data relating to game preferences, number and time of access, interactions for the execution of the Service such as the location of access to the Service, information about the device, model, manufacturer, including IP, form of internet connection, carrier, date and time, type of operating system, browser, screen resolution, language, advertising identifier performance data (IDFA or AAID), geolocation, information about app usage; information about ads offered, viewed, or clicked on, such as the type of ad in which the ad was offered, if you clicked on it, and if you visited the advertiser's website or downloaded the advertiser's app, aggregated and/or de-identified information about you and other users collectively not intended to specifically identify you, other contextual data about your gameplay (e.g., your session activity), as well as other metadata related to the access performed, details about customer service and feedback on disclosures made by ANIMUZ, among others.

We may collect your personal data in the following ways:

Advertising – collection is triggered when the user watches an ad;


In-game – data collection is triggered by user behavior in the game, such as completing a level, making a purchase, among other activities;

Install/uninstall – data collection is activated when the user installs, and deactivated when uninstalls one of our applications.

It is important to remember that ANIMUZ may allow third parties, including, but not limited to online advertising networks/ads networks, advertisers, data analysis companies/providers, payment processors, and vendors of platforms, social networks, among others, to collect your personal data for their own use.

For this, they will only collect the aforementioned data, especially those automatically collected and related to your device and advertising.

Likewise, ANIMUZ's partners may also collect a "Persistent Identifier" (such as an IP address, or a unique cookie that has the potential to identify the device and advertising) from you. ANIMUZ may collect, use, and provide access to your advertising identifier in accordance with the applicable policies of platform/service providers.


Your personal data is collected in order to allow you to access the Games. We will always use the minimum of personal data necessary for the Games in the mode chosen by you, in a manner compatible with the purpose for which they were collected.

The data is also used only to provide the best possible user experience, including, but not limited to uses for the following purposes:

. operate, improve, and optimize the Games and their experiences;

. verify your identity and entitlement to products, services, or Games when you contact us or access our Games;

. request your participation in our surveys on our organization, organizations we partner with, and the Games;

. provide technical support and respond to your questions;

. protect your safety and well-being;

. prevent fraud or potentially illegal activities, including cheating, in order to protect users and ensure compliance with our Terms of Use;

. manage, evaluate, and provide advertising;

. notify players about game updates, new products, or promotional offers;

. conduct research and request your participation in our surveys about ANIMUZ, partner institutions, and/or the Games;

. administer rewards, surveys, sweepstakes, contests, or other sponsored or managed promotional activities by us or our business partners;

. fulfill our legal obligations, resolve any disputes we may have with you or other users, and enforce our agreements with third parties; and

. measure the effectiveness of ads; and/or

. conduct web analytics (which are used to analyze traffic), as well as other user activities to improve their experience.

If you choose to use the paid version of the Games, your registration and authentication will be necessary whenever there is an interest in accessing ANIMUZ's Games. To do so, we may inform you through your email, for example, about the use of your data, procedures performed with your account, or even to send communications regarding the Service.

For this option, the treatment of your personal data related to payment and billing will also be necessary, which will be handled by partner stores, as detailed below. Payment data is necessary to complete the hiring of the Games. ANIMUZ will only have access to your name, email, login, and other information about the completion of this payment operation as a way to deliver the Games. Other necessary payment and billing information (such as credit card details) will be collected directly by a third-party company partnered with ANIMUZ, an online store responsible for receiving payments.

Upon entering, connecting, accessing, or using the Games, we provide you with data processing options and information about the legal bases (legal grounds for processing personal data); if we want to collect your personal data more broadly, we will ask for permission (consent) from you.

To facilitate your data management, we will:

. ask you clearly, explaining what we will do, if you agree to share certain data;

. inform all organizations that will have access to your data if you choose to give your consent, which can be consulted in the appendix to this policy ("Appendix");

. explicitly ask you to provide your consent. For this purpose, the action will be something like checking an item, ticking a box, among other actions informing your agreement with this policy.


ANIMUZ may hire third parties to act as business partners, commercial partners, including even service providers ("Partners") to perform activities on our behalf, such as payment processing, data analysis, game optimization, email delivery, service hosting, message delivery, facilitation of the login process, sharing experiences, service evaluation, among other activities intended to assist us in our efforts to offer Games and marketing, including advertising management and delivery, for example.

Such Partners may have access to your information in the context of performing these specific activities, which are covered within the purposes above and for the best provision of the Games.

ANIMUZ may share your personal data with Partners or allow them to collect your data directly from our Games for the purposes described in this policy.

The list of our Partners can be found in the Appendix to this Privacy Policy.

As a data subject user, you have the right to inquire and object to the processing of any personal data. If you have any questions regarding the processing of personal data by the Partner, please contact them directly in accordance with their respective privacy policies.

In addition to such sharing, ANIMUZ may disclose your personal data or share it to comply with a legal obligation or act of competent public authority, investigate fraud, respond to a government request, protect our rights, property, or safety or that of our users or others.

ANIMUZ includes ads in its Games so we can continue to offer many of our games for free. These ads are provided by an advertising network ("Ads networks") carefully selected to ensure compliance with applicable privacy laws.

These Networks may collect your data through the use of tracking technologies such as browser cookies and web beacons, using one or more tracking technologies simultaneously. These practices are subject to the policies of these Networks. We recommend that you review the policies of these Networks before interacting with them.

In addition, we may share anonymous information and/or information you have made public with third parties, in accordance with the legal provisions relating to data protection.

If you have any questions about who our partners are, or related to data sharing, you can send an email to our Customer Service at:


As a user of our Games, you have certain rights regarding your personal data and how we handle them. You can manage your personal data by accessing user data in our games and/or platforms by clicking on your profile or by sending an email to our Customer Service at the address:

Please note that it may be necessary to validate whether you are indeed the Account holder before any changes are made or your rights exercised, in order to prevent any possible fraud and/or wrongdoing.

Regardless of the method used, you may request more information and access to your personal data, as well as request correction, updating, or even deletion of your data, in accordance with the terms and provisions of the applicable law. Therefore, you may have access to the data that ANIMUZ has about you, especially the information provided in your initial registration, for example.

If you are interested, we provide the necessary tools to formalize your choice of not sharing part of your data with Third Parties, or to no longer consent to certain uses, or simply to change your decision about sharing your data with our Partners. Not consenting may make it impossible for us to maintain the Games.

If you do not agree with the practices described in the Partners' policies, you should not consent/allow the Games to interact with such partners, such as social networks, for example. However, if you do not allow data sharing with a Partner of ANIMUZ, you may not be able to enjoy all the functionalities offered by the Games.

It is also possible to unsubscribe your personal data for the sending of any marketing and/or advertising communications, without deleting your user profile/Account. In this case, you will only receive official communications necessary for the proper provision of the Service, among other possibilities for exercising your rights as a user of the Games.


Although our Games are free, they may offer in-app purchases ("Purchases"), however, we do not collect personal payment information through in-app purchases.

All In-App Purchases are made through our partner stores, such as Google Play, Apple Store, among others ("Stores"). Therefore, to make a Purchase within the Games, you will need to access your account in the Store.

The Stores are responsible for processing your payment data, which will be handled in accordance with the policies of each institution and not ANIMUZ. ANIMUZ will only be informed as to the availability of the purchased product in the Purchase made for our Games. Therefore, ANIMUZ is in no way responsible for the use and/or security of your data in the Stores or on any third-party platform.


Some of our Games, and/or ads contained in our Games, may contain links that will redirect you to a third-party website, where you can purchase certain products and/or services ("Products") that are offered for sale and/or distributed by such third parties ("Third Parties").

Please note that, after clicking on such links, mostly ads, you may be redirected to a site that is not hosted by ANIMUZ. Third Parties are solely responsible for the Products and their operations. Once you access a third-party website or are redirected to any other location, ANIMUZ will no longer have any control over your security and/or your data, which will be handled in accordance with the policies of such Third Parties. You access these pages at your own risk.

Providers may collect personal data of users who wish to purchase Products, which is necessary to enable the purchase transaction (for example, the address of this person for delivering the Product, payment information, among others), and such data may be processed in accordance with the privacy policy and terms of use applicable to such Third Party.

ANIMUZ will not collect, use, or have access to the data collected by Third Parties, and will not be responsible for any incidents or problems arising from the misuse of data beyond our Games.


With your consent, we may send notifications to inform you about our products, services, and games, communicate updates to the Games, and try to re-engage you (bring you back/keep you motivated) to use the Games.

Notifications are specific to your device, contextual, and sent only through the use of the Games. They do not originate from a server, or from a set of data shared with other user information.

By clicking the "Allow" button when asked about using notifications, you agree to receive any notifications that ANIMUZ deems relevant to send.

You can disable these messages at any time by turning off notifications from your account, just access your user profile, go to settings, and turn off notification sending.

Also, at our discretion, we may advertise other Games from ANIMUZ within our games and/or Games. Such ads are not targeted to specific users but are widely publicized in any Games provided by ANIMUZ randomly.

Furthermore, you may see our Games advertised in other games, applications, websites, and places. After clicking on one of these ads and installing one of our games and/or accessing the Games, you will need to confirm your agreement to the terms of this and other ANIMUZ policies and terms to become a user of our Games.

To verify the installation of an application, game, or even the use of ANIMUZ's Games, for example, a persistent identifier may be shared with the third party who published our ad.


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or need to contact ANIMUZ regarding privacy and/or Data Protection issues, you can send an email to our customer service department ("Atendimento") at:

Customer Service will be the department responsible for assisting you in responding to any questions, suggestions, and/or problems related to the application of data protection rules by ANIMUZ, clarifying doubts, and providing more information about what will be done with your data, according to each user's request. It is our communication channel to answer any user and/or personal data owner's doubts.


ANIMUZ makes its best efforts to protect personal data, acting in accordance with the information security standards applicable to the type of activity performed, both online and offline.

For this purpose, the company has an internal information security and incident response policy, providing periodic training to its teams on these topics, together with issues related to data protection.

Although we make good-faith efforts to securely store your data, we cannot guarantee that such personal data will be protected against loss, misuse, or alteration by third parties, by actions taken by a third party other than ANIMUZ. Therefore, we recommend the utmost caution with your account, avoiding sharing your Account data, as well as using software from unauthorized stores and/or websites, or of questionable origin.

ANIMUZ will not be responsible for any damages suffered by you caused by the actions of third parties, not motivated by ANIMUZ, directly or indirectly.


We may process/store/retain your personal data for as long as your user profile, 'Account' is active, as necessary for the provision of the Games, or for the fulfillment of legal and/or contractual obligations, and for the regular exercise of rights in contentious processes, especially if you have opted to use the paid version of our Games.

After said period, your data will no longer be processed by ANIMUZ and will be deleted from our databases.

If you want to know how long our Partners keep your personal data, check their privacy policies available in the Appendix to this policy.

Your data will be stored in the cloud, on the servers of our partners, more specifically of 'Playfab'. If you are interested in receiving more information on how they use and store your data, we recommend reading their privacy policy, which is available for consultation through the link provided in the Appendix to this policy.

If you want to cancel your Account or request the deletion of your personal data, simply delete your user profile and uninstall the application that contains our Games. Note that by performing this option, you may lose access to your user profile.

We will respond to your request detailing what will happen to your data from your request, detailing the possible consequences of withdrawing consent and/or your data deletion request, as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements.


If you are under eighteen (18) years of age, you may only use the Games after the express authorization of your legal guardian/representative.

Even if your legal guardian has reviewed and agreed to this Privacy Policy, we will still make every reasonable effort to verify that the consent was specifically given or authorized by them, taking into account the available technology.

We do not directly collect and store any information from minors without authorization. However, some data may be collected and retained by suppliers and/or third parties, who work together with ANIMUZ to provide certain products or services, such as advertisers, ad networks, data analysis providers, among others.

We recognize our special duty to protect personal information of children and adolescents. We recommend that parents instruct their children never to provide their real names, addresses, or phone numbers without parental permission when they are online.

If your legal guardian is interested in knowing more details about how we gather data, or if you believe there has been improper use of the data of a minor, you or your legal guardian may contact ANIMUZ via this email ( and we will provide all necessary and possible information.


ANIMUZ reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, amend, update, add, or remove parts of this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the amended terms in the Games. We will notify you of changes to this privacy policy through a message in your application.

If you are informed about the changes to this policy and you continue to use our Games, we will consider that you have accepted the modifications and agree with the proposed new wording.

If you do not agree, or if at some later time you disagree with any part of the current version of our Privacy Policy, you must inform us so that we can immediately stop your authorization to use the Games, also immediately terminating access and/or availability to any of our Games.

Last updated: May 13, 2024.


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